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PLEASE NOTE***Scapulars are not blessed and only need to be blessed at time of enrollment. Enrollment by a Catholic Priest is a one time for life enrollment. Enrollment papers are included with each scapular. Our Scapulars are 100% Wool, sturdy and are the real deal. Please be careful about ordering scapulars that are imitation. In order to get the promise the squares must be 100% Wool. On other scapulars such as the Passion and the Fivefold the cord must be 100% braided wool. Imitation scapulars will not hold the promise when you die. Be careful.  A brown Mt.Carmel Scapular can be either brown or black wool, any religious picture or if you prefer without a picture is ok also. It must not be ENCASED IN ANYTHING! It must hang freely about your neck. If you need a scapular longer or shorter or with a different picture we can help you, just ask. We are here to help the Blessed Mother put her garment on all of her children throughout the world. The days ahead may test our faith, make sure you protect those you love with Mary's Garment, Her Brown Mt.Carmel Scapular.

Medals are an extra .24 cent each to keep this devotion going. Medals however are not required, it's just an option we provide.


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Are you a fan of St. Philomena? We are and this is a site we highly recommend: The Archconfraternity is the central point of the devotion to St Philomena it brings together all Saint Philomena organizations, groups, centers and confraternities worldwide. http://www.philomenafamily.com/ 


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     Please remember to order early for the holidays. If everybody orders at the last minute then we cannot get your order out in time. We hand make these scapulars and it takes time so order early if you can.Thank You, and may GOD BLESS YOU :)